American History X (1998) [English (MPEG Layer III, 128 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Drama
Length: 1h 59m 0s
Director: Tony Kaye (I)
Tagline: Some Legacies Must End.
Plot outline: Venice Beach, California. Derek and Danny Vinyard, brothers, got into the wrong hands. A very right-winged man managed to twist their thoughts and did the same thing to them that Hitler did to the masses. They and their fellows are feeling as a part of a community that is exploited by people who do not have the right to do so: Illegal immigrants, the Black, the Yellow and all the others who use their minority position to extract rights over the Whites from it - or so they are convinced. So, hatred against the "others" grows, and when it comes to a case of self-defense, Derek kills in rage, in hate, in thirst for blood. In jail, his eyes are opened and he can see the mistakes in the definition which made him a Nazi out of belief. In a slow development, Derek turns to be a completely different man. When released, his prime target is to get his younger brother Danny out of the fangs of the blindfolded. Summary written by Julian Reischl {} Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) returns from prison to find his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), caught in the same web of racism and hatred. After Derek and Danny's father is killed in the line of duty by a minority, Derek's view of mankind is altered. While in prison, Derek discovers that there is good and bad in every race. Now the task before him is to convince his brother of his new found enlightenment. Summary written by Robin {}
Comment: American History X follows the first 24-hours of freedom of a reformed neo-Nazi skinhead (Norton) in Los Angeles after serving 3-years for a brutal crime. Most of the film is flashback (in black and white) illustrating the progression of a relatively normal working class kid from average joe to a virulent hate-filled racist, and how 3 years at Chino causes a spiritual awakening and repudiation of his past. American History X is kept from being a great movie by its preachiness, and a failure to resolve and/or explain some of its sub-plots and currents. American History X is a powerful film with large doses of physical and emotional violence, and it definately deserves its R rating. It is a must rental for those adults not easily offended. B+
IMDB Rating: 8.3
Country: USA
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Edward NortonasDerek Vinyard
Edward FurlongasDanny Vinyard
Beverly D'AngeloasDoris Vinyard
Jennifer LienasDavina Vinyard