American Pie 2 (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 163 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Comedy
Length: 1h 44m 0s
Director: James B. Rogers (II)
Tagline: This Summer It's All About Sticking Together.
Plot outline: After their first year at college, the guys reunite for another summer of fun. Jim continues his quest for sexual independence by seeking the help of his old prom date, Michele, after an unexpected call from Nadia who plans to visit Jim. Meanwhile, Kev and Vicky find themselves in an awkward situation after having broken up for a year. Oz must deal with a long distance relationship when Heather heads off to France to study abroad. Old feuds die hard as the ever-so-horny Stifler harbors his hatred toward Finch, who is practicing the Japanese art of Tantra. Summary written by MonkeyKingMA
Comment: I looked at the figures for "American Pie 2" because I knew they would appall me. To save you the trouble, the box office gross was $145 million in the United States alone (the rule of thumb is, assuming this isn't one of those films that does disproportionately well in North America, as I suspect it is, that you double this figure to get the worldwide grosses; then you double it AGAIN if you're an Australian and want to convert the figure into local dollars), and it cost $US 30 million to make. Although the latter figure is unusually LOW as Hollywood budgets go, you have to wonder where the money went. (Well, we know that most of the budget always finds its way into the pockets of disgustingly overpaid actors - but even so.) Neither of these figures makes any sense. This is THE most perfunctorily made sequel I have ever seen. Made solely for people who know and love the original (which had some spirit, even if it too was mediocre) - we're expected to titter at the very sight of a flute - it wastes more time than it can afford telling us what has already happened. Since there's no story and the characters have been boiled down to their skeletons, the "zany antics" this time around have no point other than as ballast. Ninety per cent of the proceedings are flat and joyless and lifeless. None of those involved, not even the actors, who wouldn't be here if they didn't have at least this much skill, can bring themselves pretend that they care. (A possible exception is Eugene Levy, but he's cast adrift. I love his schtick - at once cool and dorky and matter-of-fact - but he needs energy around him to make it work, and there's none to be found.) Are these guys attractive? For the sake of the female half of the audience I hope so. But we males have been given a raw deal. Those of us who hoped to ogle gorgeous, daringly dressed babes (a sequel this poor should have the grace to offer us at least this much) came to the wrong movie. The wrong century, in fact.
IMDB Rating: 6.5
Country: USA
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Jason BiggsasJim Levinstein
Shannon ElizabethasNadia
Alyson HanniganasMichelle Flaherty
Chris KleinasChris 'Oz' Ostreicher