Analyze This (1999) [English (MPEG Layer III, 111 kBit/s, 44 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Comedy / Crime
Length: 1h 43m 0s
Director: Harold Ramis
Tagline: New York's most powerful gangster is about to get in touch with his feelings. _YOU_ try telling him his 50 minutes are up.
Plot outline: Robert De Niro has a ball satirizing all the gangster roles he has ever played, particularly "The Godfather". The basic premise is what if one of gangland's Dons suddenly started having anxiety attacks because of past problems. When he decides to see a shrink (Billy Crystal), what can he tell him without giving away the gang's secrets and reveal too much about his own situations? Add to the fact that this type of individual is used to everyone catering to his whims and he expects the psychiatrist to do the same, neglecting his regular practice and his attempts to get married (to Lisa Kudrow). Summary written by John Sacksteder {} Ben Sobol, Psychiatrist, has a few problems: His son spies on his patients when they open up their heart, his parents don't want to attend his upcoming wedding and his patients' problems don't challenge him at all. Paul Vitti, Godfather, has a few problems as well: Sudden anxiety attacks in public, a certain disability to kill people and his best part ceasing service when needed. One day, Ben unfortunately crashes into one of Vitti's cars. The exchange of Ben's business card is followed by a business visit of Don Paul Vitti himself, who wants to be free of inner conflict within two weeks, before all the Mafia Dons meet. Now, Ben Sobol feels somewhat challenged, as his wedding is soon, his only patient keeps him busy by regarding Ben's duty as a 24 hour standby and the feds keep forcing him to spy on Paul Vitti. And how do you treat a patient who usually solves problems with a gun? Summary written by Julian Reischl {} Who ever heard of a tough Mafia boss (DeNiro) having an emotional breakdown... and crying, to boot! Well, that's the premise of this zany comedy about just such a happening, and the consequences for the poor analyst (Crystal) who is picked to work with him are devastating. Especially since this psychiatrist is about to be married... a fact that doesn't seem to enter into the Mafia guy's consideration, for whenever he feels a need to talk, that's when the analyst must be yanked away... one time right from the altar, literally. But there's more, for during this time the Mafia is doing a lot of jockeying to come up with a new Don and this makes the need to 'cure' the emotionally distressed boss all the more urgent and definitely secretive. Summary written by BOB STEBBINS {} Avreste mai immaginato un boss mafioso in crisi ed in cura.........dallo psicanalista ? Paul Vitti è un capo mafioso che si commuove di fronte alla pubblicità, è preso da attacchi di panico, non riesce a punire i traditori e così via. A questo punto il suo braccio destro decide di correre ai ripari ed ingaggia il dottor Ben Sobol, psicanalista di scarso successo. Accettando l'incarico, cominciano i guai : bisogna guarire il paziente in fretta, prima di una importante riunione mafiosa, e bisogna evitare l'FBI che li controlla costantemente. Commedia-nera di effetto e sorretta da una convinta interpretazione dei due interpreti principali. Summary written by rosebud6
Comment: Funny man Harold Ramis directs a comedy that does not quite live up to its potential. Robert De Niro plays Paul Viti, a somewhat personable and respected mob boss, who is suffering from panic/anxiety attacks. He wants to be treated, but in a hush-hush manner that becomes public. Billy Crystal plays Dr. Ben Sobel, who is wanting some free time to get married. Reluctantly he is convinced to take on Viti as a patient. De Niro is one tough guy with a knack of pulling off comedy. It is so out of his normal character that this comedic roll is funny. Crystal always seems to be good at what he does. Chazz Palminteri and Lisa Kudrow are also featured. Somehow, somewhere this movie just kind of breaks down. I personally thought there was so much room to be funnier. I think it does stand up as a fair comedy; and at least it should not be looked over as being one of those 'silly and pointless' flicks.
IMDB Rating: 6.7
Country: USA
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Robert De NiroasPaul Vitti
Billy CrystalasBen Sobel, M.D.
Lisa KudrowasLaura MacNamara
Chazz PalminteriasPrimo Sidone