AntiTrust (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 155 kBit/s, 44 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller
Length: 1h 48m 0s
Director: Peter Howitt (II)
Tagline: Truth Can Be Dangerous... Trust Can Be Deadly.
Plot outline: After graduating from Stanford, two idealistic computer whiz kids who are best friends are offered jobs at NURV, a giant Portland company with a driven boss, Gary Winston, on the verge of a world-linking satellite communication system. With support from his girlfriend Alice, Milo takes the job; Teddy says no and continues work on a media compression program he wants to make available free. Winston takes a person interest in Milo, whose genius can help NURV meet its launch date, and Milo responds with brilliance and long hours. When Teddy meets with tragedy and Winston's offhand remark makes Milo suspicious, he decides to investigate Winston and NURV. But, whom can he trust? Summary written by {}
Comment: Just to get things straight, I'm on the Internet quite often. However, I don't consider myself a computer geek. I don't know crap about all its internal mechanisms and firewalls and all that stuff. Nor do I honestly care about that kind of stuff. So excuse me if there are tons of plot holes and factual errors that may have flew over my head. I found the movie to be very exciting. I wasn't anxious about seeing "Antitrust." I wanted to rent "The Forsaken," but it was on reserve. I was very impressed. The film has a moderately slow start, but it wasn't long until I really started to get into the plot. And when I engaged myself, I couldn't hit the "Pause" button. I just couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. I liked the nifty plot twist. That came totally unexpected, though the IMDB inspectors reported it as a goof/plot hole. So maybe it didn't make complete sense. We're permitted to suspend some disbelief. Besides, I've seen much more ridiculous plot twists. Tim Robbins steals the show as a sadistic clone of Bill Gates. Heck, he even looks a lot like him (in this movie, at least). Just like in "Arlington Road," he graces the role of the villain and as the film goes on, his mere appearance strikes terror in the eyes of the viewer. For eye candy, we have Claire Forlani and Rachael Leigh Cook. Though Rachael doesn't play a love interest, she has never looked hotter! I wanted to kiss the screen every time she smiled. I'm sure the chicks will dig Ryan Philippe, who's quite good in his role--even though I don't see too many computer geeks that handsome. Still, he wasn't completely miscast. Richard Roundtree also makes a few brief appearances. He doesn't play a memorable role, but he's one of those guys who you just want to applaud for every time he shows up on screen. Unless you're really into computers and will be nit-picking about every possible inaccuracy, you'll probably find this slick cyber thriller very enjoyable and very exciting. It's a fast-paced trip with, yes, a good deal of scenes involving Ryan typing really fast on the keyboard before security catches up to him (OK, maybe that was a little far-fetched). But it's a crowd-pleaser that actually pleases, with very few lags. Trust me. My score: 7 (out of 10)
IMDB Rating: 6.1
Country: USA
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Ryan PhillippeasMilo Hoffman
Rachael Leigh CookasLisa Calighan
Claire ForlaniasAlice Poulson
Tim RobbinsasGary Winston