Arrival, The (1996) [English (MPEG Layer III, 128 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller / Mystery / Action
Length: 1h 55m 0s
Director: David N. Twohy
Tagline: The greatest danger facing our world has been the planet's best kept secret...until now.
Plot outline: Zane Ziminski is an astrophysicist who receives a message that seems to have extraterrestrial origins. Eerily soon after his discovery, Zane is fired. He then embarks on a search to determine the origins of the transmission that leads him into a Hitchcockian labyrinth of paranoia and intrigue. Summary written by Greg Dean Schmitz {} Zane Ziminski is a radio astronomer who picks up strange signals from outer space. Believing these signals to be from intelligent life, he reports his findings to his superiors. He is then fired. Investigating the signals on his own, he discovers similar signals emitting from Mexico. Anxious to discover the source of these transmissions, Zane embarks on a trek to Mexico... Summary written by Humberto Amador Zane Ziminski is fired from NASA after picking up unidentified signals from a distant location in space. His curiosity soon turn to sheer terror as he travels to Mexico, where a series of unexplained events lead him to believe that there are aliens all over the world. He gathers evidence to support this theory but will he ever have the chance to broadcast the 'facts' alive? Summary written by {}
Comment: *Some SPOILERS* The eponymous arrival could refer to either bow-legged aliens from another galaxy or Mr Sheen's acting talent which would take a film of a more uncertain duration. One doesn't like to get personal but Mr Sheen's looks have an other-worldly quality all of their own. His short crop makes his grunt in 'Platoon' look like a recent convert to the peace movement. The top of his head is narrow and sort of expands as you go down to his chin which gives the impression of a man desperately trying to swallow an ironing board. He sports a goatee which went out with the pop band 'Blue Rondo A La Turk' and a tiny pair of glasses in a doomed attempt to look like a scientist. Mr Sheen has two expressions. The first is a sort of furrowing of the brow. The other involves rapid perspiration, a puffing of the cheeks and a bulging of the eyes as if struggling to take a monster dump. In moments of high excitement he sticks his arms out and spins them around as if trying to impersonate a dragonfly. Perplexed by this eccentric display of thespianism, the aliens try to drain the energy out of Sheen by sending a metal ball to his apartment that sucks everything into it via an electro-magnetic vortex. Unfortunately for them, Sheen is out at the time. Sheen goes to Mexico on their festival called 'The day of the dead'. His performance is enough to awaken the recently deceased. Convinced that the aliens are out to ruin the environment he must be eliminated. By laser gun? No, the aliens decide that there is only one fool proof method in dealing with such an astonishingly testosterone infused performance and that's to drop a bath on the man. And failing that, dive bombing scorpions from roof fans. Do they succeed? Well, that would be telling but as far as the sappy ecological message is concerned, I personally think man is meant to drain the world of all it's resources leaving it a burnt out, polluted husk. Men are meant to hunt wild boar, start wars and damage the environment, not engage in prissy activities like acting. The aliens are happy to oblige with the former while Sheen does his damnest to fulfil the latter.
IMDB Rating: 6.1
Country: USA
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Charlie SheenasZane Zaminski
Lindsay CrouseasIlana Green
Richard SchiffasCalvin, alias Cal
Shane (II)asJPL Guard #1