Black Knight (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 130 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Length: 1h 35m 0s
Director: Gil Junger
Tagline: He's About To Get Medieval On You.
Plot outline: Jamal, a low-level worker at a shabby amusement park with a medieval theme, finds himself sent back to the year 1328 after he falls in the moat. Before he realizes what has happened, he finds himself mistaken for a messenger from Normandy, enlisted in a plot to kill the tyrant king, and preparing to open a chain of fast-food restaurants, not to mention falling in love with the leader of the assassination plan. Summary written by Jon Reeves {} Jamal Walker is a bumbling African-American loser with a lousy job at a crummy theme park called Medieval World, which is receiving heavy competition from a superior stadium with a similar theme, Castle World. Jamal's pathetic life, however, is dramatically altered while cleaning the stagnant moat. He finds a medallion in the moat, and while trying to pull it from it's spot gets sucked into a vortex after an apparent knock on the head. Awakening in England, 1328, he bungles his way through this strange new world, learning his modern lifestyle learned in the ghetto clashes strongly with the Renaissance period. Believed to be French, for his odd dress and manner of speech, Jamal finds himself banding with an attractive freedom fighter named Victoria, and Knolte, an alchoholic, penniless former knight who failed his queen and allowed her to be overthrown by an evil queen, whom Jamal is forced to perform for as a jester named Sir Skywalker. However, he may be forced to become no less then, indeed, a black knight, who will have to fight in a vicious battle - after making love to Victoria, of course. Summary written by Frederick
Comment: There once was a comedian named Martin Lawerence he made good movies until the year 1999 with the piece of rubbish Blue Streak. He struck out again with What's The Worst That Could Happen and now's he made Black Knight. Black Knight is full of bad acting, cliched jokes and it's boring. I only reccomned this film for the little ones. It's gonna take a whole lot for Martin to redeeem hisself after this.
IMDB Rating: 3.7
Country: USA
Subtitels: No ()
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Martin LawrenceasJamal Walker aka Skywalker
Marsha ThomasonasVictoria the Chambermaid aka Nicole
Tom Wilkinson (I)asSir Knolte of Marlborough
Vincent ReganasPercival, Leo's Chief Henchman