Blow (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 139 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Crime / Drama
Length: 2h 4m 0s
Director: Ted Demme
Tagline: Based on a True Story.
Plot outline: George Jung is the son of a struggling small business owner. Seeing his family struggle to make ends meet and failing, George vows never to share a similar fate. Moving to California, he starts his own pot pushing operation in which he finds both success and imprisonment. In prison, he meets a cellmate who introduces him into a partnership to the lucrative new market in cocaine. Upon release, George Jung quickly becomes instrumental in establishing the exploding US market for cocaine in which he claimed that he handled about 85% of the supply in the 1970's. However, for all the fabulous wealth and power he gained, the true costs of his dangerously treacherous occupation catch up with him in ways from which would he never recover. Summary written by Kenneth Chisholm {}
Comment: Blow is a film that is not so much about the drugs trade but more about Parenthood and how precious it is. Johhny Depp is excellent in the role of George a big time grugs runner of the seventies who's life goes pear shaped ant various stages which has a huge affect on firstly his mother and father , then his wife and ultimately and most sadly his daughter. The acting is very good from all the cast and it is good to see Ray loita pulling of a brilliant performance and for me stealing the show as george's father. Its just a shame that the make up wasnt as good as it could be when the characters age. We also have Depp narratting in a Goodfellas style which only adds to the enjoyment . 8 out of 10.
IMDB Rating: 7.0
Country: USA
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Johnny DeppasGeorge Jung
PenÚlope CruzasMirtha Jung
Franka PotenteasBarbara Buckley
Rachel Griffiths (I)asErmine Jung