Con Air (1997) [English (MPEG Layer III, 192 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Action / Thriller
Length: 1h 55m 0s
Director: Simon West (I)
Tagline: Get Ready To Fly
Plot outline: Cameron Poe, a highly decorated US ranger, is convicted of murder after protecting his wife in a drunken brawl. Finally, after eight years, he's being paroled and going home to his wife and daughter. His ride home: the Jailbird, which is also transporting society's vicious murderers to Feltham Penitentiary, Lousiana's toughest maximum security prison. A surprising escape is made on board the plane as the cons seize control of the plane, and head it towards Las Vegas. The officials on the ground want to blow it out of the sky, but three people know an alternative... US Marshal Vince Larkin, Cameron Poe's wife, and his daughter. Summary written by Cameron Poe {} When Cameron Poe, of the US Army, is found guilty of murder after killing a drunk man while protecting his wife outside a bar, he is sent to jail for eight years. During that time his daughter is born, but he waits patiently in his cell until his release date. He is flown home on board the Jailbird, which also transports some very dangerous convicts to a maximum-security prison in Louisiana. The convicts manage to escape directed by Cyrus "The Virus", who also leads the plane's take-over and re-routes it to an abandoned airfield to catch another plane which will take them to a foreign country. With Poe's help, the authorities learn where the convicts are headed for and manage to get there before they take off again. After the police and army are killed in an ambush at the airfield, the convicts take off again toward Las Vegas, but a US Marshal, Vince Larkin, with the help of Poe on board gets there again in time to finally stop the convicts. Summary written by Marcos Eduardo Acosta Aldrete
Comment: Uhhh, this one was kinda like watching Die Hard II but with a Steven Segal type on board with a planeload of whackjobs instead of Willis. I liked it, in an A-Team with dead bodies, more explosions and bigger budget kind of way-but its nothing special. Sure, Malkovich, Cage, Rhames and Buscemi are all big name actors, and yeah, some of them rise to the occasion. For me, it was entertaining enough, but not worth trying to pin down for its loopholes or unrealistic moments. This is a flight of fantasy, pure and simple. Bruckheimer and Cage had done it before-better I might add-in the Rock just a year before, and it shows. (I Do throw in a couple Spoilers about a Bad Guy at the End, too, warning!!!!) I got a kick outta seeing the Irish Trek guy as a DEA slug, and then Reverand Alden from Little House on the Prairie sharing space under a truck with Nick Cage. Cusack was pretty good too. Buscemi's characeter was under-written, I preferred him as Rockhound in Armageddon myself, but always like seeing him of course. Guys like David Chappelle and the big Indian there were good in their parts, stereotyped as they were, ditto the mangy looking Pilot. All of them fine character actors. Over all, you have to give it some stars for panache and ooomph, esp the overkill way they have of killing off Malkovich, what with the pile driver, fire truck and what-not. They really wanted us to get the point-the guy is a bastard and is quite dead at the end, no doubt. Cage's southern accent sucked and you really hadda wonder Why they even bothered, but overall he was okay. I give it **1/2 outta ****, pretty good effort for what it is.
IMDB Rating: 6.3
Country: USA
Subtitels: No ()
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Nicolas CageasCameron Poe
John CusackasU.S. Marshal Vince Larkin
Monica PotterasTricia Poe
Landry AllbrightasCasey Poe