Dinosaur (2000) [English (MPEG Layer III, 127 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Animation / Family / Adventure
Length: 1h 22m 0s
Director: Eric LeightonRalph Zondag
Tagline: You have never seen anything like this.
Plot outline: Long before humans appeared on the planet, dinosaurs ruled the earth. On a little off-coast island, a clan of lemurs finds a dinosaur egg, hatching. Since there are no parents, the lemurs take care of the newborn, Aladar. Years later, a medium meteor goes down close to the island and the shockwave forces its inhabitants to flee to the continent. There, Aladar and his family meet other dinosaurs for the first time as well as real dangers. The destruction caused by the meteor here has also forced a herd of different herbivores to move to a remote valley that can provide food and protection against the carnivorous predators following after. Since Aladar grew up with a different understanding of the ways of the world, his way of helping others first isn't accepted within the herd, but soon it is proven that reason may be better than panic. Summary written by Julian Reischl {julian.reischl@tuquoque.de} Dinosaur is set in the twilight of the dinosaurs, when the killer comet arrives, and deals with the legacy they leave for the emerging mammals. One dinosaur who had been raised by Lemurs becomes a sort of saurian Moses and leads the Lemurs to safety after the comet ends the age when his own kind ruled the earth. Summary written by Paolo Costabel {paolo@bluesky-vifx.com}
Comment: Well, although Dinosaur has obvious similarities to Don Bluth's wonderful The Land Before Time, Disney does do quite a lot of innovative things in the dinosaur world and their animation is always tops! Dinosaur tells the story of a large dino being raised by monkeys and then he and his monkey family join up with a lot of dinosaurs after the meteors hit and ravage dino-land. There is no water or food to be found, and they all trek toward a breeding spot thought to be spared from the cataclysmic devastation. Along the way, the dinos develop personalities(in typical Disney fashion), fight amongst themselves, a few die from the weary stress of life or in the jaws of rampaging carnivorous dinos, and a light romance befalls our main character(Big surprise!).Yes, the film is very realistic when it comes to dinosaur life and dino behaviours(talking not included). The film has glorious animation and in its final form is quite enjoyable and entertaining. Yet, I found myself a little disappointed. I think Disney has just not been making the films they made so well in the early 90's like Aladin, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, or even The Little Mermaid. Is their creative spark nearing being extinguished? Much of this film is very derivative of other Disney films, characters, situations, and the film owes a huge debt, whether Disney thinks so or not, to Bluth and The Land Before Time.
IMDB Rating: 6.3
Country: USA
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D.B. SweeneyasAladar (voice)
Alfre WoodardasPlio (voice)
Ossie DavisasYar (voice)
Max CasellaasZini (voice)