Dr. No (1962) [English (MPEG Layer III, 96 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi
Length: 1h 50m 0s
Director: Terence Young
Tagline: The First James Bond Film!
Plot outline: An agent of the British Secret Service, James Bond (007), is sent out to the West Indies in order to find out why another of his number was killed. His arrival is not welcomed by everyone, but it is not long before he is on the trail of the killer. The trail leads to a secretive scientist, Dr. No, but the discovery has wider implications... Summary written by Graeme Roy {gsr@cbmamiga.demon.co.uk} British agent, James Bond, is sent to Jamaica to investigate the murder of a fellow operative. Bond's enquiries soon establish a connection between the death, a spate of recent failures in the US space program, and the mysterious Dr. No. Summary written by Dave Jenkins {david.jenkins@smallworld.co.uk}
Comment: The first Bond epic is a little rough around the edges in spots (for instance, notice how the Bond theme accompanies even the most mundane of actions, such as Bond lighting a cigarette). But it remains very watchable, and is actually one of the more violent installments in the series, even by contemporary standards. Sean Connery, of course, is the best of all possible Bonds, and right from his first appearance assumes command of the role with a suave sex appeal and tough masculinity that nobody else (not even Brosnan) has been able to surpass. One thing about this movie that I really liked is the fast-paced editing (courtesy of Peter Hunt). That, and its relatively brief running time (only Goldfinger is shorter, I believe, whereas many of the later Bonds would run on and on far too long, proving that less is sometimes more) make this one of the leaner, more effective Bond films. Ursula Andress, with her memorable entrance as she rises out of the water like some Greek goddess, sets the standard for the countless beauties who would follow. Joseph Wiseman, as Dr. No, is not really seen until well into the second half, and this works to the movie's advantage, allowing the tension to build as we wonder exactly who this guy is, who is able to put such fear into his subordinates and others. Wiseman delivers a performance that is low-key yet chilling. Jack Lord is the first and best Felix Leiter (one of my gripes about the Bond series is the treatment of Leiter, who seems to be played by a different actor each time he appears -- and they're not all of the same caliber). The movie was made on a relatively small budget, but it doesn't show. Dr. No is a superior entertainment, both a respectable start to the adventures of 007 and actually far superior to many of the episodes that would follow.
IMDB Rating: 7.2
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Sean ConneryasJames Bond
Ursula AndressasHoney Ryder
Joseph WisemanasDr. No
Jack LordasFelix Leiter