Fight Club (1999) [English (MPEG Layer III, 127 kBit/s, 44 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Drama / Thriller / Action
Length: 2h 19m 0s
Director: David Fincher
Tagline: Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.
Plot outline: Based on the debut novel by recent University of Oregon graduate Chuck Palanhiuk about a confused young man in the not too distant future. With no family or close friends, he frequents cancer and disease support groups as a way to bond with others, pretending to be terminally ill or feigning various other infirmities to fit in. Sick of his dead end, white bread, white collar corporate career and disgusted with the empty consumer culture that his generation has been doomed to inherit, he and a very devious friend named Tyler Durden create a new club where young men come to relieve their frustrations by beating each other to a pulp. The popularity of this club grows exponentially, and eventually some very profound rules are created to govern it. Because one of those rules is no more than 50 people to a fight club, soon new fight clubs are popping up everywhere and spread across the nation. Tyler Durden, the fight club's founder, quickly becomes a cult hero of epic proportions, a new messiah for a dead generation. While all this is happening, the nameless, narrating main character manages to get involved in a love triangle with Tyler and a girl named Marla who seems to have an endless supply of ex-boyfriends just as screwed up as he is. Summary written by Anonymous Jack è un giovane in carriera sfiduciato ed annoiato. In cerca di emozioni forti, incontra Tyler Durden, un pò nichilista ed un pò psicopatico, che ha organizzato una palestra in cui uomini altrettanto delusi e repressi possono sfogarsi picchiandosi. Intuendo che Jack è un possibile affiliato/complice della sua attività, Tyler gli brucia la casa ("Solo quando hai perso tutto sei libero di fare ciò che vuoi !"), per coinvolgerlo sempre di più. Intanto l'iniziativa ha successo e Tyler diventa una sorta di guida verso un progetto di scardinamento dell'economia mondiale. Ma non ha fatto i conti con Marla Singer, anche lei abbastanza dissociata, che metterà in discussione il rapporto fra i due. Summary written by rosebud6 You're young. You have an easy, well-paid deskjob. You have a condo, Swedish furniture, artistic coffee tables and a fridge full of condiments. Yet you feel emotionally and spiritually empty. You eventually find comfort in going to support groups for lukemia and cancer victims when there's nothing wrong with you until they're hijacked from you by another faker. Then you meet Tyler Durden, a man that shows you that not only can you live without material needs but that self-destruction, the collapse of society and making dynamite from soap might not be such a bad idea either. Summary written by John Weeks {} When a nameless thirty-ish yuppie grows bored of his comfortable life, he becomes involved in an anarchic subculture called "Fight Club", lead by charismatic Tyler Durden. But is this a hard-edged vacation from normalcy, or participation in the de-evolution of a civilized society? Summary written by kevin
Comment: Fight Club is an adrenaline rush of a film. A movie that takes you in, twists you around, tests your limits, and leaves you stunned. It is an incredibly dark comedy, an inspired satire, and, all around, a great film. As the film opens, we are taken through the body of the Narrator (that is how he is credited, for very good reasons), until we arrive looking down the barrel of a gun jammed in his mouth. The Narrator is played by Edward Norton, in a performance full of so much sarcasm, Kevin Spacey had better start watching his back. Here Norton once again proves that he is one of the best actors appearing in film today. His role is a tricky one, but he pulls it off so easily, it seems like child's play. The gun is being held by Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt, who also pulls off a tricky performance. Pitt is a very good actor who is unfortunately cursed with sex-symbol status, and therefore, not taken too seriously. Here, though, he once again shows that he is an actor. Shortly after this, we learn that buildings throughout the city are wired to explode in minutes. As this is explained, we are given a spectacular special effects sequence where the camera swoops down the side of the high-rise, passes through the street, into the garage of the building, through a van, and right into the explosive device. The film uses this effect a few other times in the film, and all to good effect. With this setup, the film flashes back to when the Narrator had a bit of insomnia. His job is tedious, the stuff in his apartment doesn't seem as nice anymore, and he goes to support groups just to sleep at night. He has a nice thing going until another `tourist' shows up to one of his support groups. She is Marla, played with fun and a strange sadness by Helena Bonham Carter. Now the insomnia reappears, he is traveling for work excessively, and he just happens to meet Tyler on an airplane. They talk for a bit, and the Narrator is intrigued by him. When he returns home, he finds that it is a pile of rubble; blown out of the building. His decision: call Tyler. They have a drink, he asks to stay at Tyler's place (after some convincing), and something strange happens. Tyler asks the Narrator to hit him. Thus, the unofficial start of Fight Club. From here, the movie centers on the club and how it is gradually knocked up levels, until we begin to realize what Tyler's philosophy really is and its effects on the Narrator and the other members. David Fincher, who has explored the dark side of human nature in Seven, directs the film in such high style that there is never a dull shot in the film. He proves he is a visionary director, and I am sure he will have many more opportunities to bring his vision to the screen. It is not often that a film is able to capture its time so perfectly. Earlier this year, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was able to satirize the censorship issue. Now comes Fight Club, a film about Generation X and corporate America that is brutally honest. You leave the theater knowing that Tyler's actions are too extreme and anarchistic, but there is something in his words that speak to anyone who is fed up to some degree with the way our society is. Fight Club is a film worthy of multiple viewings. The first time, it is a visual experience. The next time, something deeper appears. By the third time, if you already haven't, you should see it with some of your more intelligent friends and discuss the issues the film deals with; and there are a lot.
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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Edward NortonasNarrator
Brad PittasTyler Durden
Helena Bonham CarterasMarla Singer
Meat LoafasRobert 'Bob' Paulson (as Meat Loaf Aday)