Go (1999) [English (MPEG Layer III, 128 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Crime / Comedy
Length: 1h 43m 0s
Director: Doug Liman
Tagline: life begins at 3am.
Plot outline: Told from three perspectives, a story of a bunch of young Californians trying to get some cash, do and deal some drugs, score money and sex in Las Vegas, and generally experience the rush of life. Summary written by Vladimir Zelevinsky {vz@alum.mit.edu} Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf play two gay soap studs who agree to take part in an elaborate drug bust. After they successfully fulfill their duties, they accidentally run over a pedestrian while still wearing their police issue wires. Summary written by Anonymous
Comment: The title is apt -- the film is on the go most of the time with little chance to catch your breath. This is an odd but entertaining film that can be described as RASHOMON meets PULP FICTION. But it is better than PULP FICTION because of its clearer sense of humor, irony, and coherent story telling. We get the stories of several people on an very un-Christmasy messy Christmas Eve. Each story is told from someone's perspective and the stories all interconnect at a decidedly un-Christmasy rave full of loud music, drugs, people looking for other people, mistaken identities, and the other ingredients of a wild comedy. Though some people may find it offensive, as a satire and updated film noir, it is hilarious.
IMDB Rating: 7.5
Country: USA
Subtitels: No ()
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Desmond AskewasSimon Baines
Taye DiggsasMarcus
William FichtnerasBurke
J.E. FreemanasVictor Sr.