Little Nicky (2000) [English (MPEG Layer III, 128 kBit/s, 44 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Horror
Length: 1h 30m 0s
Director: Steven Brill (I)
Tagline: He's Never Been To Earth. He's Never Even Slept Over Some Other Dude's House.
Plot outline: Little Nicky is "daddy's little girl" in Hell. He's the son of Satan, who got the job from HIS father, Lucifer. Satan wants to retire, but none of his sons are good enough for the job. There's Cassius, who's big and strong, but lacks the 'goodness' to make the job real. There's Adrian, who while really hot (no pun intended) and smart, has no goodness at all. Then there's Nicky [Sandler] who, while having good, lacks any evil whatsoever. As seen in the previews, he is told to release his evil. He needs to release it to save his dad. Cassius and Adrain leave Hell, thereby freezing the wall of fire that lets the damned souls into Hell. Since no souls can come in now, Satan starts to die. It's up to Little Nicky to go and get his brothers, putting them into a flask and bringing them back to Hell at the exact same time to save Satan from decomposition. If Nicky 'dies' on Earth, he will be able to get through the frozen wall and back up to Earth. The catch is that he has only a week, and that Adrian and Cassius are MUCH more powerful than he is. Summary written by Liz Skywalker {}
Comment: I enjoy Adam Sandler's comedy. His past efforts like Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy were wonderful films that probably surprised everyone with their box office success. But no matter who you are, no matter how successful, there always comes a time when you stall. Current kings of the box office, Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise are perfect examples. Their propensity for success hit a road block when they did Me Myself and Irene and Eyes Wide Shut, respectively. Sandler is about to hit that same snag with this film. It had a good but not outstanding 15 million dollar opening weekend. His other films grossed 41 and 39 million on their opening weekends. So Little Nicky is destined for mediocrity. And part of the reason why this film is not going to dominate the box office is because it is not really that good. The comedy in here feels a little stale. I can remember laughing myself silly with some of his other films, in this one I just seemed to chuckle mildly. Not that it's a bad thing because it is still quite entertaining but it is not gut splitting hilarity. There are some great cameos in the film and my favourites were Carl Weathers and Reese Witherspoon as a not quite so pure valley girl angel. But there were also some disappointments. Harvey Keitel as Satan and Rodney Dangerfield as his grandpa could have been so much better. Same with Quentin Tarantino's turn as a blind sidewalk preacher. Tarantino has had some memorable cameos especially in Sleep With Me, but here he is lame and unneccessary. For a light comedic film, you can do worse than Little Nicky but there are also far better films out there. This may be worth seeing once, on a Tuesday or a matinee, but if I had paid full price for this I would have left unsatisfied. 5 out of 10 Not Sandler's best.
IMDB Rating: 5.0
Country: USA
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Adam SandlerasNicky
Patricia ArquetteasValerie
Harvey KeitelasSatan
Rhys IfansasAdrian