Out Cold (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 149 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Length: 1h 29m 0s
Director: Brendan MalloyEmmett Malloy
Tagline: They Haven't Quite Figured It All Out, But They're Getting A Little Warmer.
Plot outline: Bull Mountain, Alaska, is a no frills ski resort, and the staff is a bunch of partying snowboard bums. The late founder, Papa Muntz, was famed for skiing with his backside exposed, and in fact is so memorialized by a statue. But his son, Ted, plans to sell the resort to hotshot ski mogul John Majors, who starts turning it into a slick resort, which of course has no room for most of the staff. The exception is Rick, the most serious of the bunch. But there's a complication: Rick met Majors' stepdaughter Anna on vacation in Mexico, and he's never gotten over a crush he had on her, even though she's about to marry a great guy. And Rick is also fiercely loyal to his friends. Summary written by Jon Reeves {jreeves@imdb.com} Rick is the leader of a group of prankster snowboard employees at Bull Mountain, Alaska whose lives change for the better or worse when a hotshot land developer, named John Majors, arrives with the intent to buy out the owner, Ted Muntz, and turn Bull Mountain into a money laundering, tourist theme ski park while Rick deals with Majors' daughter Anna, who was the former love of his life and who abandoned him some years back, Casablanca style. Summary written by Matthew Patay
Comment: (spoilers) I haven't laughed at a movie in a long time. Last comedy I've seen was Super Troopers and that was insanely horrible. This movie is just the opposite. It's totally funny, and they actually make an attempt to provide solid characters. The plot is nothing new, but at least there is one. If your looking for a Caddyshack type movie on the snow... hey by all means. A few things to gripe about though. It's hard to root for the good guys providing a bad day for Lee Majors. He's always the good guy to me. (billion dollar man) And this movie made a tad laughing stock out of him. When a blond idiot upstages Lee Majors, that's bad. The R rating is rather interesting. Maybe it's the dialogue. There's no full nudity in this movie. Side views. But except for the auto drain, (you'll see) I don't see why it's rated R. 6/10 Quality: 6/10 Entertainment: 10/10 Replayable: 9/10
IMDB Rating: 4.9
Country: USA
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Jason LondonasRick Rambis
Lee MajorsasJohn Majors
Willie GarsonasTed Muntz
Zach GalifianakisasLuke