Rob Roy (1995) [English (MPEG Layer III, 112 kBit/s, 44 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Drama / Action / Romance / War
Length: 2h 19m 0s
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Tagline: Honor made him a man. Courage made him a hero. History made him a Legend
Plot outline: In the highlands of Scotland in the 1700s, Rob Roy tries to lead his small town to a better future, by borrwoing money from the local nobility to buy cattle to hurd to market. When the money is stolen, Rob is forced into a Robin Hood lifestyle to defend his family and honour. Summary written by Rob Hartill
Comment: I am a huge fan of Tim Roth, and have loved everything that he has done in the past, but he doesn't really fit in here. Both him and John Hurt don't hold up well as the bad guys. Their lines aren't written at all well, and Roth himself admits that he overacted the part. Liam Neeson, on the other hand is quite good. Although it the part that he favours to play, he does a decent job. Jessica Lange, too, is very believable as Neeson's wife. The person I think put in a touching performance was a young Brian McCardie as Neeson's relative who knows a dirty secret about Lange that could destroy her. However, he is under used, like most of the great possiblities. For instance, Jason Flemyng of Lock Stock fame might go un noticed. However, Rob Roy delivers a fine story with some great scenes, and should not be dismissed as a bad film. Rating=3/5
IMDB Rating: 6.8
Country: USA
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Liam NeesonasMacGregor
Jessica LangeasMary MacGregor
John HurtasMarquis of Montrose
Tim RothasArchibald Cunningham