Saint, The (1997) [English (MPEG Layer III, 192 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Action / Romance / Thriller
Length: 1h 56m 0s
Director: Phillip Noyce
Tagline: Cunning. Devious. Dangerous. Treacherous.
Plot outline: As a young orphan, a boy refuses to accept the name given him by priests and instead chooses to take on the name of Simon Templar after the Saint of magic. Speed ahead and the young boy is now a master thief in bidding wars with countries for his services. Using his skills of master disguise, he eludes all pursuers as he assumes names associated with the various Saints. In this role after stealing from a Russian industrialist, the industrialist hires The Saint to steal a formula for cold fusion being developed by a young female scientist. Cold fusion is said to permit a nation to heat its citizens with only a few gallons of water. However, on this case The Saint falls in love with the scientist placing him in a quandary of fulfilling his professional obligations or staying with the innocent young scientist. When she becomes threatened by the Russian Mafia, he has no choice but to go ahead with his job. However, she follows him to Moscow, setting off a chase across the City and through their sewers. Summary written by John Sacksteder {} Simon Templar - a fictitious name a young orphan boy invented for himself in a Hong Kong orphanage years ago - is now a suave, debonair, international thief who needs to pull-off just one more exuberant heist to put him at the $50 million mark in his Swiss bank account (his goal amount for retirement). An easy job: simply steal Dr. Emma Russel's formula for cold-fusion, and deliver it to a Russian billionaire bent on sending Russia back to Communism - no problem, Right? Wrong! There's one thing Mr. Templar, master of disguise didn't count on ... falling in love. Summary written by Shannon De Lacy {} Ivan Tretiak, Russian Mafia boss who wants to create an oil crisis in Moscow and seize power as a result sends Simon Templar, great international criminal, to England to get a secret formula for cold fusion from U.S. scientist Emma Russell. That formula will give Tretiak a source of cheap energy and a lot of money as result. Templar falls in love with Emma and they try to outwit Tretiak and his guerrillas, hiding from them in Moscow. Summary written by Anonymous
Comment: If you expect 'The Saint' to resemble the TV series with Roger Moore, or going further back, the films with George Sanders or Tom Conway, you're in for a disappointment. Like 'Mission Impossible' (the movie), it bears no such resemblance to previous 'Saint' films. On the other hand, it's an interesting espionage tale with the usual heroics and mixes of suspense and humor when Kilmer changes his identity to suit his purpose. Plenty of action thrills along the way as The Saint manages to outwit and outsmart the villains at every turn. Seems he's needed to infiltrate a top-secret organization bent on stealing a scientific formula that could change the world. Val Kilmer makes the perfect action hero in this surprisingly entertaining movie that was not given as much hype as it deserved upon release. His performance alone is reason enough to watch this clever spy film that mixes thrills with a dash of humor.
IMDB Rating: 5.7
Country: USA
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Val KilmerasSimon Templar
Elisabeth ShueasDr. Emma Russell
Rade SerbedzijaasIvan Tretiak
Valeri NikolayevasIlya Tretiak (as Valery Nikolaev)