Shrek (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 127 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Adventure / Romance / Animation / Fantasy / Family / Comedy
Length: 1h 30m 0s
Director: Andrew AdamsonVicky Jenson (more)
Tagline: The greatest fairy tale never told.
Plot outline: In a faraway land called Duloc, a heartless ruler, the midget Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow) has banished all the fairy tales from the land so it can be as boring as he is. But there are three characters who will stand is his way. The first is a green, smelly ogre with a heart of gold named Shrek (Mike Myers), his faithful steed, a Donkey (Eddie Murphy), who will do anything but shut up, and the beautiful, but tough Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) whom Lord Farquaad wishes to make his wife so he can become king of Duloc. What's to do in a screwy fairy tale like this? Summary written by Will Shrek is a big ogre who lives alone in the woods, feared from all the people in the land of Duloc. When Lord Farquaad, the ruler of Duloc, exiles all the fairy-tale beings in the woods, Shrek looses his peaceful life and his home becomes a refugees camp. So, he sets to find Lord Farquaad and convince him to take the fairy-tale beings back where they belong, and leave him alone. Lord Farquaad accepts, under one condition. Shrek must first go and find the beautiful young princess Fiona, who will become Farquaad's bride. So, the big Ogre begins his quest, along with his newfound donkey friend... Summary written by Chris Makrozahopoulos {}
Comment: This animated fantasy is far and beyond others in the genre. This is the standard others will be judged by for a long time to come. A peace loving ogre called Shrek(Mike Myers) is upset when his swamp is invaded with fairy tale characters. A lonely, hysterically funny donkey(Eddie Murphy)forces his way into becoming Shrek's running buddy. An egomaniacal lord(John Lithgow)has the chance to become king, if he marries. Shrek is offered his swamp vacated if he retrieves the pretty princess Fiona(Cameron Diaz)and brings her to the midget ruler for marriage. The crude 'potty' humor is mild and does not distract from the clever written story line; and this comedy can't help but amuse viewers of all ages. Myers of course has the top billing, but I think Murphy steals the whole show. I think the witty donkey could carry his own movie someday. SHREK lives up to and deserves all of its accolades. Take the time to experience a superb story of love and companionship.
IMDB Rating: 8.1
Country: USA
Subtitels: No ()
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Mike MyersasShrek/Blind Mouse/Narrator (voice)
Eddie MurphyasDonkey (voice)
Cameron DiazasPrincess Fiona (voice)
John LithgowasLord Farquaad of Duloc (voice)