Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) [English (MPEG Layer III, 96 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller
Length: 1h 59m 0s
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Tagline: Yesterday is a memory, today is history, tomorrow is in the hands of one man: Bond...You know the rest!
Plot outline: Megalomaniac media mogul, Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), only needs broadcasting rights in China to complete his global communications empire. The Chinese, however, are proving stubborn so he hatches a diabolical plan to thwart the Chinese by the simple means of starting a war between them and the British. When a British war ship is sunk in Chinese waters and its deadly payload stolen, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) embarks on a dangerous mission against the clock to discover the truth. The Chinese also want to know what is happening and dispatch their own agent, Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh), who proves to be a match for James Bond! Summary written by Mark Smith {} Eliot Carver, a rich press Baron, attempts to start World War III by convincing the British and the Chinese that they are making hostile advances towards each other. M orders Bond to use his previous relationship with Carver's wife as a way of infiltrating his international organization, but Carver soon realises Bond's intent. However, with the help of a female Chinese Army agent, Bond gets closer and closer - but will he get close enough to stop Carver directing a UK missile at Beijing? Summary written by Rhino {}
Comment: Not a bad movie, but average. The story is not that bad, but far fetched, and done like a Diehard film. They got too do something new with this series. One do all the Bond films need a count down in them? Do the vilians all ways never make sure Bond is dead? Does everything have to explode in these films? Its redundant! If you are the makers of a Bond film here is a few pointers. Maybe, have Bond hunted for a change! Have him fend someone off in time for some help. Make a harder edge to it and add some new style to it like in Snatch or Pulp Fiction. The bad guys in this film where forgetable and not very scary. That Blond guy give me a break! M her, aid, and the Admerial drag this film, they annoy the viewer with tripe. Roger Moore added humor and charm, Bronson had nothing to work with in this script. Bruce Willis could have played the British Gentalmen with this script. Its not a bad film, but if they want to continue with the series, they need some new blood.
IMDB Rating: 6.5
Country: UK
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Pierce BrosnanasJames Bond
Jonathan PryceasElliot Carver
Michelle YeohasWai Lin
Teri HatcherasParis Carver