Zoolander (2001) [English (MPEG Layer III, 144 kBit/s, 48 kHz, Stereo)]
Genre: Comedy
Length: 1h 29m 0s
Director: Ben Stiller
Tagline: 3% Body Fat. 1% Brain Activity.
Plot outline: Male supermodel Derek Zoolander is on his way down after three years of continuously winning the "Male Model of the Year" award. When he is beaten by the hot newcomer Hansel, Derek starts searching for a new meaning in his life. Just then fashion czar Mugatu offers Derek a comeback in his new "Derelicte"-line. What nobody suspected is that Mugatu plans to assassinate the new Malaysian Prime Minister on his visit to New York, so that cheap child labor is still available for Mugatu's fashion producing. By brainwashing Zoolander, Mugatu and his evil associate Katinka create a dumb and willing killer to do the job. Only in Time Magazine journalist Matilda suspicion arises slowly, and she tries to stop Derek. Summary written by Julian Reischl {julian.reischl@tuquoque.de} Derek Zoolander has been the dominant male model in the industry for three years thanks to his patented "look," Blue Steel. On the night of the VH1 Fashion Awards, what should be his fourth trophy goes to an upstart model named Hansel. Adding to the insult, a story in Time magazine brands him an idiot. Derek decides to retire and seek out his roots. Meanwhile, the new prime minister of Malaysia has upset a secret coalition of fashion designers by promising to raise the minimum wage, effectively ending their supply of cheap labour in sweatshops. Sensing disaster, the covert group charges Mugatu, the current king of haute couture, to find a mindless male model to brainwash into assassinating the new world leader. Derek, rejected by his family, stumbles predictably into Mugatu's hands and the only ones who can save him are the reporter who took away his good name, his rival Hansel, and a mysterious model from the past who sheds light on the whole conspiracy. They have to work against time and Derek's ineptitude to stop him from killing on the night Mugatu reveals his newest clothing line with the Malaysian minister as his "honoured guest." Summary written by Lordship {lordship@juno.com}
Comment: I honestly can't remember the last time I have been so disappointed by a comedy! I have spent countless hours defending Ben Stiller's last directorial effort, the misunderstood 'The Cable Guy'. I think it is one of the most inventive and original comedies of the 1990s. Hopefully as more people see the woeful 'Zoolander', 'The Cable Guy's reputation will soar. Because comparing the two movies makes it bloody OBVIOUS which one is the real turkey! Look, Stiller is a funny guy, but any comedian is only as good as his material, and 'Zoolander's lame jokes just aren't enough to sustain a whole movie. The initial premise (a brainless super-model is turned into a political assassin) is silly, but that wouldn't matter a jot if it was fleshed out with strong comic situations and witty one-liners. Sadly it just isn't. All we get are running gags about Derek's "range" of expressions, and his sheer stupidity which are repeated ad nauseam until the humour is lost and it simply becomes irritating. Owen Wilson almost steals the movie as rival model Hansel. Wilson has been an actor to watch ever since Wes Anderson's debut 'Bottle Rocket'. He has appeared in several movies where he out-classes the material. Once again it happens here. The rest of the supporting cast range from passable to poor. The latter especially regarding Will Ferrell, as arch-villain Mugatu, who is excruciatingly unfunny. He manages to drag down every scene he appears in. Milla Jovovich tries hard with a boring femme fatale role. Christine Taylor is lovely to look at, but is saddled with an under-written character, like most of the actors in this movie. Jerry Stiller who is usually fabulous in anything he does, has one or two funny bits of schtick, but once again you have to blame the mediocre script. And much has been made of the countless guest appearances, but very few are noteworthy. Billy Zane's cameo is one of the few that are worthwhile, and one of the rare genuinely inspired moments in this sorry mess. The most frustrating thing is that going by 'The Cable Guy', or Stiller's first rate comic appearances in movies like 'There's Something About Mary, 'Flirting With Disaster' or 'Mystery Men', or even watching old episodes of 'The Mr Show', (who's David Cross and Bob Odenkirk started as writers for Stiller), you realize that 'Zoolander' could have easily rivaled Mike Myers' Austin Powers for belly laughs. Something went badly wrong along the way. What a crying shame!
IMDB Rating: 6.0
Country: USA
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Ben StillerasDerek Joseph Zoolander
Owen WilsonasHansel McDonald
Christine Taylor (I)asMatilda Jeffries
Will FerrellasJacobim Mugatu/Jacob Mooreberg/Little Cletus